St. Jude Day Storms: 13 Deads in Britain, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany

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The storm started in France during the night of 27th and 28th October and moved to England yesterday.  Itwas named St. Jude according to the patron saint of lost causes who is traditionally celebrated on 28th October.

It was formed due to a depression in the Atlantic. This massive storm on the south coast of England and the Netherlands yesterday, cut electricity and caused a lot of travel chaos. At least 13 people in Europe were reported killed. In England, three people were killed, 2 children and 1 man. A lot of victims were crushed by falling trees. In Germany six people died, five in Britain, France, the Netherlands and Denmark had one each. St. Jude Storm was one of the worst to hit the region since the passage of the Joachim storm in 2011. Winds up to 160 kilometers per hour causing tree falls, cancellations of rail service, the closures of roads and tens of thousands homes were without electricity. Flights transport was very disturbed and many flights were cancelled. Charlotte Morin, IEJ 3F


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