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Silvester Stallone ‘s paintings display in Russia 

Image Stallone has unveiled a retrospective of his art at the Russian state museum in St Petersburg  last week.

Stallone has a big filmography on his account  but he would like to show his talent in painting; he confessed he was a better painter than an actor.

The star of Rocky, Rambo and The Expandables stated that “It’s much more personal and I’m allowed to just do what I want to do. Quite often in acting you have to play a certain part, you cannot speak as much as you want to speak.”

The exhibition has attracted hundreds of curious art lovers as well as Stallone’s fans to the museum, which was established in the historic capital by Nicholas II , Russia’s last tsar.

The museum’s director, Vladimir Gustev said that Stallone’s paintings show the character of a passionate man and not the work of an amateur.

Stallone’s work is exhibited in the part of the museum that hosts works by Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

Valenine de Brye, IEJ 3F


FIAC 2013: results

This year in France it’s the 40th birthday of FIAC (international gallery of contemporary art) with 184 galleries from 25 countries at the Grand Palais. FIAC is realised and produced in association with the Louvre Museum. The new program exhibits young artists with a rigorous selection process respecting very different creative practices. The price Lafayette is handed to Shahryar Nashat for his gallery « stambuliote Rodeo » and the price Ricard returns to Lili Reynaud Dewar for the ensembe of her work. More confidential, the price Grolsch greeted the work of the young Franco-Swiss  artist Emilie Ding with her “concrete” paintings. There were 70 644 visitors who came to appreciate this multicultural exposition.

« Iron tree » d’Ai Weiwei FIAC 2013 au Grand Palais (Reuters/ Benoît Tessier)

Céline Peschard, IEJ 3F


R.I.P Lou Reed
John Smierciak/associated press
John Smierciak/associated press 

Two days ago, Lou Reed, lead singer of the Velvet Underground died at the aged of 71 in New York. We all have “Perfect day” or “Walk on the wild side” resonating in our head. We don’t know precisely the causes of his death but we have to remember that he had been suffering from liver failure and received a transplant earlier this year. The death of this musician provokes a lot of reactions in the world of music. David Bowie said on his Facebook page that “he was a master” and Iggy Pop calling it “devastating news”. Even if the Velvet Underground never achieved complete commercial success, Lou Reed was a pioneer in the rock world and one of his most important collaboration was with Andy Warhol. He influenced the American music of the sixties. Lou Reed disappeared but the spirit he embodied will stay forever in his fans’ heads.

Romain Muraille, IEJ3F


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