France : a plea from Dibrani family

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Leonarda Dibrani speaks to the media in the town of MitrovicaDibrani Family’s lawyer, Me Brigitte Bertin, declared that the family will ask a plea to the administrative court of Bordeaux to come back in France.

According to the lawyer, Leonarda and her brothers and sisters were better integrated to the French society, than they were in Italy. To the General School Inspection, the picture is not so idyllic. Children were often absent from school.

Ten days ago, the French president François Hollande, offered to Leonarda to come back to France alone, leaving her family in Kosovo. The parents of the fifteen-year-old girl have refused this proposition, in front of the French camera. Since this event, François Hollande sees his popularity fall very low. He is on the point of becoming the least popular French President of the 5th Republic.

The expulsion of the young girl has shocked the French opinion. police was looking for the girl during a field trip.



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