FRANCE: Ecotax

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Ecotax, when the government renounces…

French Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault have renounced his law project about the Ecotax which had to penalize the haulage using the national roads in France.

It was envisaged for the government to adopt a law for January 1st 2014 to pay a tax between 0.025 and 0.2 cents per kilometre in terms of the trucks weight and the distance travelled, because some areas don’t cost the same price, according to the traffic and the condition of the road.

This tax has generated the anger of a lot of teamsters and the professions which use this way of transport to route their goods. For the begining of the week, some strikes have begun majority in Brittany, where the economical environment is already difficult with the crisis.

Following this problem, the Prime Minister has renounced to this step, in order to appease the conflicts in a difficult context, knowing the unemployement increase and the workers’ moral is not optimistic.


Julien Leroy, IEJ 3F


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