François Hollande: the most unpopular French president

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HollandeAfter one and half years in the office François Hollande has beome the most unpopular president of all the Fifth Republic’s history.

The reason is clear: the French people meet many problems as the high record of unemployment numbers and the tax levels. Hollande’s popularity has sunk to 26 percent in an opinion poll showed on Monday. The first time the BVA poll has seen a French president’s approval ratings fall below 30 percent. The situation got worse since the Leonarda case : this student from Kosovo was expelled from the French territory for irregular situation. But, after the student’s protest, the president said publicly that the girl was allowed to stay in France. But without her parents. The President’s intervention on TV was dramatic as it proved that he cannot take a clear position. The last exemple is the ecotax and, once again the government reconsiders its own decision.

The high unpopularity demonstrated by a Harris Interactive poll, published Thursday, shows that four fifths of French voters believe Hollande would not win the next presidential election in 2017.

Juliette Barrat, IEJ 3F


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