India: a teenager kills herself for not being allowed to go on Facebook

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Last Wednesday, in the Indian state of Maharashtra (West India), Aiswarya Dahiwal (17) killed herself because her parents forbid the access of Facebook and her mobile phone. The tragedy took place in her bedroom.
She could neither stand the authority of her parents nor the ban to connect on the famous social network, Facebook. The girl has been found hanged last Thursday morning at home. She left a letter to explain her act, she could not handle the school pressure and the last quarrel with her parents.

We can’t believe it ! We are so shocked” explained her father to the Wall Street Journal. They wished just the best for their little daughter, according to them, she should focus on her studies first. They could not anticipate her act.

Before killing herself, Aiswarya wrote a letter, saying she could not stay in a house with so many restrictions.

In India, everyday, 371 people kill themselves, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics of 2012.  Maharashtra, where the teenager lived, is the second state where the rate of suicides is the most important.

Emilie Lesur IEJ 3F

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