Obama considers banning of spying Allies

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Obama eavesdropping

Obama has to face a pending diplomatic crisis due to the N.S.A. scandal.

This summer, Mr Snowden, a N.S.A. agent, stole and published documents from the company. They reported that N.S.A. was eavesdropping the whole world. It sparked off vivacious reactions, first and foremost in Europe, the number one target of the service.

Many European governments triggered the President of the USA but Obama’s burning topic is the Merkel situation. The German Chancellor discovered that the US were spying on her since 2002. She personnally called the President of the USA to condemn this behavior, which is not a friendly one.  To respond to all these allegations, the N.S.A. declared that they stopped monitoring the German Chancellor over the summer, right after Snowden’s theft was discovered. Moreover, the N.S.A. confirmed they did not inform Obama that they were bugging Merkel’s phone calls. He allegedly learned about the situation a couple of months ago.

The chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Commitee, Mrs Feinstein, stated yesterday that the American government will cease collecting information in friendly countries, whereas the White House declared that no final decision had been made. Despite this tricky issue, the administration announced they would still collect information in other countries about terrorist threats, development of weapons and criminal activity.

German representatives may fly to the White House next week to express their anger. It might raise a debate about what is an American ally and how the US has to behave with them.



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