The NBA is back!

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nba_g_heat_celebration_b1_576An exciting season for NBA Basketball is starting today!
Last season’s champion, Miami Heat, will face the Chicago Bulls for the season’s opener. Having defeated the San Antonio Spurs in June 2013, during an epic Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Lebron James, Miami’s power forward, was named most valuable player and won the Bill Russell trophy.
This season will be made with rivalry for the actual MVP, who will have to face his best enemies Paul Pierce (Brooklyn Nets) and Derrick  Rose, who is just back after a knee injury that took him away from the Basketball courts for more than a year and a half.
Many transfers were made this summer, and many teams improved their rosters, especially the Indiana Pacers who resigned Paul George, and the Houston Rockets who signed the most famous forward, Dwight Howard.
The Heat is favorite to its own succession, but this title quest promises to be the hardest that Lebron James and his teammates will have to face.

Lionel Herreras, IEJ 3F


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