China: Suspect of CP’s attack gets arrested

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Chine-le monde

Chinese police apprehended a 41-year-old-man suspected of an attack in Taiyuan this morning. Feng Zhijun placed a couple of homemade bombs in the headquarters of the Communist Party which killed one man and injured eight last Wednesday. One of them is facing death.

He confessed and gave a large amount of details to the investigators, who also discovered explosives at his house. Chinese authorities are now trying to find out the motive of the crime and refuse to give more details about the attack.

Local sources explain that this criminal act could be a sign of protest and the consequence of a tense social climate due to the increase of poverty in China in the last few months. They point out that frustration and anger are probably the main reasons which led the man to commit this terrorist crime.  According to the  Xinhua News Agency, Feng already served a 9-year-bid after  being sentenced  for thief charges.

Maximilien Franco, IEJ 3G1


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