Daft Punk is given front page treatment in the Wall Street Journal

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The two masked French musicians have been photographed for the Innovators issue. The soft porn photographer Terry Richardson immortalized them alongside the Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen.

The cover has been made right after Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo won the “Entertainment Innovators Award” for their album “Random Access Memories”, which was handed over to them by Pharrell Williams at the New York Museum of Modern Art, during the Wall Street Journal’s Party.

The French band explained once again why they decided not to tour soon, despite the fans’ wish: “The world we live in today is slightly off because money makes the world go. So we’ve had the freedom to always pick the thing that makes us the most happy.

8 photos can be watched on WSJ’s slideshow. Among them, a cute photograph of Daft Punk’s sons wearing their daddies suits, as if the band wanted to say that their music would last.

Moreover, “Random Access Memories”, that sold 339,000 copies in its first week sale, is going to be released in a deluxe edition. It contains 2xLP vinyls, posters, and exclusive stuff. It will cost 275$ and will be launched in early December. You can preorder here.

Adrien Briand, IEJ3G1


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