La Redoute: the employees parade in Lille to defend their jobs

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Ten days after the announcement by the financial director of the group Kering about a redundancy plan, the employees of La Redoute, the famous French clothing retailer, demonstrated this morning in Lille answering the call of all the trade unions. 10 buses came to Lille with all the employees of the sites of Roubaix and Wattrelos. The demonstration will dash at 11 am from the station Lille Flanders to go to the main square. This first demonstration is the prelude to other actions, warn the labour unions.

1,300 workers protested against the plan and the government is afraid of contagion. The socialist-lead administration has run out of ideas. Martine Aubry, the mayor of the city, will receive a delegation. This movement called to  last for a long time because everybody is angry. For the first time, employees and agents of control acted together.

In fact, a delegation of the major union CGT, regrets that they have no visibility for their future. They claim that in twenty years, the Pinault family lead this company in a slow decline. Since 2008, the leaders had the possibility to modernize their production but they let La Redoute sink.

This redundancy plan, demanded by the rescuers, will not be set up before the effective resumption of the company.

Djibril Soumah, IEJ 3G2


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