Lost Nazi art

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The descendance and the Museums begins to claim their right for the famous « Nazi treasure ». They want the German authorities to publish pictures of paintings, drawings, prints and others pieces of art which were found in a Munich apartment two years ago. They think that they will allow to descendances of the late owners to recognize their property.

But the German authorities want to keep this information secret and they do not publish a lot of pictures of their discovery because they need more time to identify all the pieces of the treasure and their previous owners.

This incredible discovery of more that 1.500 artworks was made in 2011. Cornelius Gurlitt an eccentric 79-year-old man kept all the pieces in his flat with all his garbage.  Occasionally, he sold a piece of his enormous collection of painting when he needed money. During a travel, he was controlled by police with 9000 euros in cash, and they decided to open an investigation and search his flat. It’s when they opened the door that they discovered the unbelievable collection.

Cornelius Gurlitt must now explain the origin of his treasure.

Clara DOUET, IEJ 3G2


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