Roselmack denounces increase of racism in France

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roselmack-le jdd.frHarry Roselmack , a very popular black journalist decides to ring the alarm. A text written by him was posted yesterday in the daily newspaper Le Monde.

He is saying that “Racism in France is coming back”  and he refers  to the stringent climate in France for the past few days .

He takes as an example, an elected representative who expressed racist feelings towards a black French Minister, Christiane Taubira.

Roselmack is not the only one who denounces racism in France. The French daily newspaper Le Parisien published an article on Wednesday called “Why is racist speech increasing ?”

According to the article, racism is everywhere. In politics, in media, in the daily life. 53% of the French consider that racism has increased in the last three years.

More than ever, racism is one of the major society issues.

Salmi Jasmine, IEJ 3G1.


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