Bistrips, a comic book on your Facebook

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You can be the star of your own comic book.


The new hit on facebook is called Bitstrips. Launched near the end of 2012, the app is now available on IOS and android. Bitstrips counting today more than 20 million users around the world is a huge success.

It’s not really a game but a new way to communicate and share your life with your friends. No need to be an artist to have your own character. The app takes care of the design for you. Face shape, eyes, hair, body type and even clothes, you can personalize your cartoon to make it just like you. After your creation, you can choose life stage or activities for your character. There are plenty of them : party, holiday, work, school… Bitstrips allows you to share your funny moments or feelings of the day with unique drawings. To make it more interactive you can also add friends with their own character and share the spotlights in your comic book on your Facebook profile.

The app is a new creative way of expression and it’s really enjoyed by the young facebook users. Let’s hope it’s not going to be an excuse to skip homework.

Sandie Vadimon, 3F1


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