Blockade of farmers in Ile-de-France

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les-agriculteurs-manifestent-avec-leurs-tracteurs-contre-l-11017104cjdzh_1713The Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, doesn’t intend to give in to the demands of the farmers.

The movement of Young Farmers in Ile-de-France stands up against the new law farmer policy for 2015. The labor unions asked for the resignation of the Minister. The Ile-de-France farmers threaten to block the access to Paris on Thursday.  As the minister doesn’t want to give up, all farmers will affect highways or national roads close to their homes. The goal of the protest is to stop the circulation with trucks and tractors. Every road to Paris will be blocked.

The first cause of protest is  lowering of European aids. Indeed, 30 percent of farmer’s earnings will be lost by the beginning of 2014. The second subject of anger is the ecotax law which forbids farmers to use tractors in case of pollution peak. According to farmers, the big trouble is the high taxation in a sector that already is affected by the crisis.

This labor union is known for dumping several tons of straw at the Palais Elysee in December 2009. Will this protest have the same impact? We will know that on Thursday.

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