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The French government is going through a dificult period at this end of month. Indeed, the new tax : ECOTAX to finance transport infrastructure, the national tax on goods transport vehicles (TPL or environmental levy) shall apply from 1st January 2014 for trucks weighing over3.5 tonnes, which use the network national Road.

For two weeks, the Breton industrialists have been protesting against the future application of the “national tax on vehicles transporting goods.” That levy on heavy goods vehicles shall contribute € 1.1 billion per year to the state budget.

What is it?

Six years after it was adopted. Decided at the Grenelle Environment 2007 by Sarkozy government, this tax has been constantly postponed and its entry into force is now scheduled for January 1st 2014. It must be paid by companies for all French or foreign trucks traveling on certain roads (excluding toll roads). It aims to encourage companies to use for the transport of goods, less polluting vehicles, and promote short circuits.

How will be charged this tax?

Each truck must be registered, either by a company authorized to use electronic toll from either Ecomouv ‘, the company responsible for the state of the collection of environmental taxes. The company then receives a GPS unit. These boxes will react, as they pass the portals installed on all taxable roads, approximately every four miles.

Desmonstration : « Red Caps »

In Brittany, where the dispute arose, 115 trucks, according to police, were found near the remains of the portico Lanrodec (Côtes d’Armor), destroyed on Nov. 3 by protesters, blocking traffic on the RN12.

“Red Caps” have called for a new demonstration in late November.

Victor Douba, IEJ3F2


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