Horizons, the new album of Bertrand Cantat

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 Bertrand Cantat the former member of Noir Désir released a new album on November 18th, twelve years after Des visages des figures in 2007 and his exit of prison. But his return is difficult with his reputation of a violent man and the murder of his fiancé, the actrice Marie Trintignant. Horizons, the new disc is the realization of a collaboration with Pascal Humbert, bass player of Passion Fodder. The album delivers a big intensity at the same time the dark side and blues. Cantat recalls his own version of the the story, considered as shocking by some people who may find it disturbing. He delivers his feelings in a musical universe wider than rock. He also gives a criticism of the society with songs « Le creux de ta main” and “Sa majesté”. Some songs are sung in English, i.e. “Glimmer in your eyes” and “Null and Void”. In this album, the singer is trying to releases himself from his ghosts.

Peschard Céline, IEJ3F


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