Oscar 2014 : Two French cartoons against Pixar and Disney

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moi-moche-et-mechant-2-3_2482904The Oscar academy published a first list of the nineteen preselected cartoons for the Academy Award of Best Animation Movie. Two French movies are on it: “Despicable Me 2” and “Ernest and Celestine“.

Without a doubt, “ Despicable Me 2 “ is meant to be on top of rankings for this award, with 911 billion dollars of benefits in box office. The minions – little yellow characters, stars and symbols of this cartoon – have almost taken the first place from Iron man, Marvel’s worldwide famous superhero.

On the other hand, “Ernest and Celestine” is an unexpected choice, even though the adaptation of the album by Gabrielle Vincent has been very successful. The adventure of a mouse and a bear reveals poetry and emotion.

Besides them are Pixar and Disney known for their powerful and efficient cartoons. Several of their cartoons are on the top on the list. The latest of them, “Snow Queen”, will be in theatres on December 4th.


Last year, Pixar won five out of six Oscars dedicated to cartoon.

The list of definitive selection will be published on January 6th. Only five cartoons will run for the Oscar competition on March 2nd 2014.


Claire Chedeville, IEJ 3F1


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