Paris Gunfire: the shooter arrested

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524776009According to Le Parisien newspaper, the crazy shooter suspected of wounding a Liberation photographer yesterday, has been arrested in the eleventh arrondissement today at 1.15 pm hours. The criminal investigators haven’t confirmed the information for the moment. French Interior Minister Manuel Valls declares today they analyse the DNA of the shooter. This man is also suspected to be culprit of BFMTV headquarter attack last Friday, and of Societe General bank shot yesterday. His DNA has been found on bullets, and in the car of motorist forced to drive the aggressor to the Champs Elysees, after Liberation shooting.  Criminal investigators work on video monitoring image of the Île-de-France region transports (RATP). Thanks to it, they have been diffusing pictures of the suspect since yesterday. Further to appeal for witnesses sent out by Republic prosecutor, homicide bureau has received around 400 testimony phone calls. 120 of them has been taken seriously, and been the target of application form, from police source.


The face of the shooter, a solitary man of 35 to 40 years, has been exposed for the first time yesterday, with a net image from RATP video monitoring. On this, the man is standing and full-face, showing a round face with fixed look.


He is wearing a red jacket, his head is covered up by a white bonnet and has a shoulder bag.

Célia Coudret, 3F2



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