Stephen King meets his French fans

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471px-Stephen_King,_ComiconStephen King, the famous horror writer met for the first time his French fans, at Le Grand Rex, in Paris on Saturday evening, 16th NovemberHe went to Paris for four days to promote his new book, Docteur sleep, the second part of Shining.

The conference finished his visit in France. For one hour and a half, he talked to his fans, from students to university lecturers. He narrated some parts of his life, as his beginnings with his first book, Carrie, published in 1974. This novel was thrown to the dustbin, but his wife took it back.

This was an event without precedence. With 230 million books sold, King lives as a simple man in a little village in Maine. This was the first time the french public had the possibility to communicate with him directly. His coming drove mad all the press and fans. The organisers said they had never seen as many journalists since the coming of Colin Powell, during the cold war. The 2000 places for the conference were sold in one week.

Docteur sleep has been on sale in France since the 30th October.

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