Who killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy ?

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On the Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of John Kennedy’s death, the question of his murder remains unanswered. John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, on 22nd November 1963. He was hit by a bullet in his head which killed him on the spot.
Many theories have been explored around this mysterious death: who would have wanted to kill the popular President of the United States ? The Russians because of the Cold War? The CIA? The Mafia? Vice-President Lyndon Johnson? Or was it really Lee Harvey Oswald, as the Warren Commission decided?

Two days after the arrest, the man accused of killing President Kennedy was murdered by Jack Ruby, owner of a nightclub in Dallas and a member of the mafia.
The Oswald theory is still very controversial, and the fact that he was murdered is still an interrogation.  Was Oswald the only guilty? Why did Ruby kill him? Was he an accomplice who wanted to silence Oswald? A lot of authors wonder if there was a second shooter. The plot theory is another possibility.
The Warren Commission, directed by the Supreme Court’s President Earl Warren, did not involve any politician.

Even after 50 years after John Kennedy’s death, many books, many movies, programs, theories and investigations continue their inquiries. Will the answer be found one day or will it remain a State secret?

Alexandra MILHAT


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