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Swiss laboratory works on Ebola vaccine

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In front of the increasing numbers of Ebola vicims, a Swiss laboratory is trying to create a vaccine against this deadly disease. To achieve this urgent mission, the GlaxoSmithLine company are looking for 120 adult people who agree to try the vaccine. It’s the biggest testing of the world to find volunteers for only one vaccine.


Many people do not agree to participate in this experience. Nowadays, only 50 people have accepted to be part of this trial; many of them are doctors or work for a hospital. GSL company wants to find people who are not involved in medicinal life.

Each participant will earn 800 Swiss francs, to test the vaccine against the Ebola virus.

As for now, hundreds of vaccines are available to start the experience. The First test will begin this week and the first result will be known in December. If those tests are positive and without risks for anybody, first sample of the vaccine will be sent to Africa in early 2015, to fight against the increase of the disease, reported Le Figaro.


Ebola virus has killed  almost 70% of people who has contracted it in Africa.

According to GSL company, the vaccine will be created from a sample genetically revised from monkey who had been contaminated with Ebola virus. But before attempting this future positive result, the Swiss company has to find all the voluntary people for the trial.


Islamic state bomb in the north of Kobani

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The north of Kobani was bombed by Islamic State (IS) during the night, the help from Turqey is now delayed.

Fighters of the unity who have to protect the population have succeeded to fail the attack of IS but the bombing had continue this morning with the same intensity. For M. Abdel Rahmane, ” The bombing is slowing the arrival of “peshmergas”, arrived yesterday in Turkey from Iraq.” There are a lot of islamist bodies in the streets that have been waiting for long hours before being removed.

Under the pressure of Washington, the conservative islamist government authorized the traffic by the territory around 150 Iraqi “peshmergas” to reinforce the Kurdish fighters who have been defending Kobani for one month against Daesh.

From 50 to 150 people of free Syrian army of the opposition of the Syrian President Bachar al Assad have crossed the Turkish frontier to go to the frontline of Kobani. The Jihadists want to take the north’s district to block the way at Turkey and isolate Kobani. They intend to take all the city to control all the border between Turkey and Syria. The Islamic state uses the civil war in Syria and the political instability in Iraq to get the territory and to use terror with executions, rapts and crucifixions.


Nicolas Sallé, IEJ1B


Third charge in the death of the CEO of Total

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The Russian investigators process this Friday a third charge for the disrespect of the security rules in the case of the deadly plane accident of the chairman of the group Total, Christophe de Margerie in Moscow. This information comes from the Russian investigative committee.

Sans titreThe chief engineer, Vladimir Ledeniov was present in the exact moment of the accident, manager of the maintenance team of the landing area. This man, ” Was indicted today on charges of violation of safety rules causing death by negligence of at least two persons,” according to the committee. He is currently in jail.

The indictment of Mr. Ledeniov follows those of the air traffic controller Alexander Krouglov and the pointer of sky Svetlana Krivsoune. So today, the investigator favours the idea whereas the air controllers are responsible for the death of the two pilots, a stewardess and Christophe de Margerie. If the researchers show the guilt of these three suspects, they risk up to five years behind the bars.

The CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, is dead due to the crash of his own plane just after the taking off; the Falcon (plane) hit a snowplow and explosed just after at the airport of Moscow. De Margerie’s funerals was held on Monday in Paris, the French president was present in the church Sainte-Suplice.

COURTEIX Pierre-Etienne, IEJ1B

Nuclear plants are touted

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Since the beginning of October, many nuclear power plants are flown over by unidentified drones. Nobody has claimed these actions. The French government and EDF are concerned. EDF complaints and investigation is underway. Until now, twelve such flights have been observed in France since early October.

Yesterday, new flights have been spotted in the Tarn et Garonne and Seine-Maritime. The flights were seen by the police in charge of the safety of nuclear power plants. After 2007, and the intervention of Greenpeace in nuclear plants, security is prepared for human attacks, but not for air attacks. After these attacks, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls gave the order to destroy any suspicious element. Greenpeaccentrale_nucleaire_fre has denied any implications. If the association does something, they always claim their actions, according to a militant. The drones can be equipped with arms or explosives.

Overview of nuclear power plants is prohibited within a radius of five kilometers and 1,000 meters around the sites. There have been no arrests since the beginning of the investigation. The plants are closely monitored. Greenpeace activists and anti-nuclear activists are currently out of business.

Many planes flew at the same time, which lets us think that they are directed by the same team.





Increase of electricity price in France

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There is an increase of electricity price at 2.5%, indeed this rise will be applied on the 1st of November in France.

Besides, 28 million households serviced by EDF (French Electricity Group) will be affected by this increase. It applies by a rise of 1.6% by the new way of calculation, added to that a rise of 0.9% for a catch up of cost. Therefore, the increase was defined by the new law which was published in “Le Journal Officiel”, and it comes just after the stop of cost at 5% made on the 1st of August.

The rise is due to the new method of calculation and adjustment of the cost “by accumulation” which fixes the price by addition of the cost of the various sectors, adding the price of electricity. This new method of calculation, has been adopted to keep the purchasing power of the consumers. However, this rise of cost has to compensate the lack that EDF has suffered in 2012 and 2013.

Moreover, this law fixes also an evolution on the 1st November of the regulated cost of electricity. Indeed, the basic rate will decrease by 0.7%, while the professionals and big consumers of electricity will pay 2.5% and 3.7% more respectively.


Shanon Clotilde IEJ 1B


Apple, new Big Brother

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Un-Apple-Store-en-France-1280-640 (1)

We can say that Apple did not learn its lesson. One more time, Apple Retail France is involved in a video surveillance case. Indeed, the company installed cameras centered on the employees to supervise them. The problem is that thanks to the article 32, it is formally forbidden to spy on people without their knowledge. But it is not the first charge of espionnage for Apple. This espionnage story began in December 2013. The CNIL (National Commission of the data processing and the Liberties) had already sanctioned Apple Retail France for espionnage in sixteen Apple Stores in Paris. However, Apple had not reacted and had not removed the cameras. For Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin it’s to much : “The obstinacy of these breaches led the president to give a formal notice against the company to modify the entire devices of video surveillance of the brand’s sixteen stores on the national territory”. The CNIL published this sanction and Apple did not react: until today, the company hasn’t provided any explanations for their behavior.

Lina ELARABI iej1B

Davis Cup final

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images Today, ROGER FEDERER is about to play a quarter final game against MILOS RAONIC in the Master  1000, indoor BNP PARIBAS MASTERS. The Swiss, second at the ATP leaderboard, has clearly the  objective of winning all his games, in order to become the number one again. His next step: the DAVIS  CUP final, against FRANCE in 20 days from now. This cup is the only trophy missing at his name. The  Swiss  team will have to defeat France, at home.

 No Frenchie at all is remaining in the Master 1000,which is still on inParis. JO-WILFRIED TSONGA, GAEL  MONFILS and  RICHARD GASQUET will probably  be the starting team for FRANCE in the Davis Cup. The three aren’t  in a great shape, as can be seen from the eliminations of the tournament by NISHIKORI, DJOKOVIC, and  BAUTISTA-AGUT respectively. However, according to the three players,  the early elimination from the Paris tournament could be benefitil for them. Indeed, they will have more time for their physical preparation. TSONGA was saying yesterday that the final against SWITZERLAND will probably be the most exiting game of his career; the Frenchies will play at 200%, in front of their public.

We can expect a memorial Tennis event in a wonderful arena, the football stadium of LILLE, the PIERRE MAROY STADIUM.

Raphael Chesnais-Poler, IEJ1B


Lenny Is Back !!!

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“Strut” is Lenny Kravitz’s newly released album, his tenth one.

50 years old and he still wants to be the best. More than 40 million albums sold, 4 Grammy Awards  for “best rock singer”.

With this album, he is coming back in the music industry.

“Cinema was really an amusement but after it was more serious, I like very much to collaborate with so many artists and why not do my own films” (interview of him in Télé Loisirs).

After it, he wants to work as the film director but he doesn’t want to put music appart.

Now for his come-back, Lenny shows that even at the age of 50, he still has the best voice and he likes  what he does with it.

This album talks about love, desire, and despair.

Songs like “New York City” or “The Chamber”, show that it is one of the best albums of this years.

Nicolas Chaaya IEJ 1B


Saint-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre

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In two days, the Rhum Road will startimages. The competitors will take start from Saint-Malo and sail for 3542 miles up to Pointe-à-Pitre.
Ninety-one skippers will participate in this crossing. Obviously, there will be a time limit and the arrival line will be closed after thirty-five days (i.e. eight hundred and forty hours). We will rediscover many kinds of boats which will do the same course, with the same rules:
monohulls, multihulls, small ocean racers and giants of the sea.
The last edition took place in 2010 and the winners were Lionel Lemonchois, Lalou Roucayrol, Loïc Fequet.
This year, Sébastien Rogues, Yannick Bestaven and Arnaud Boissières are the favorites and will try to challenge the seedeed skippers.

The final word will be: See you on the 2nd of November at ! I hope you’ll enjoy it and we will vibrate as far as four years ago.

Clément Briole IEJ 1B

Fire at Maison de la Radio

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Around 12:00 AM, a fire started on the 7th and 8th floor of « Maison de la Radio », in the 16th district of Paris. Broadcasts were stopped while journalists and staff evacuated on firefighters’s help “We were in the middle of a news broadcast, and, suddenly, we were asked to stop everything and to evacuate the studio,” said Christine Moncla. The staff  were quartered outside in an area opposite the site on fire. At the arrival of the firefighters, no one was hurt. “The fire is under control, it has been extinct, it has not spread to the whole of the 8th floor,” the commander Gabriel Plus told the press. Policemen took care of the traffic regulation near the river Seine.

Many people said alarm wasn’t activated and the staff was informed by the noise of a helicopter which operated around the building. They restart at 1:35 PM exempt for France Inter, at 3:00 PM


Kevin Bikoy, IEJ1B