Activists against the one thousand cows farm

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Philippe Huguen AFP
Protestors behind the 1 000 cows farm (photo: Philippe Huguen-AFP)


The trial including 9 partisans of the Peasant Confederation opposing the farm-plant has begun today in the court of Amiens.

Four of them have been accused of degradation and theft on the opening of the site in September 2013. The five others partisans have been charged of unmount action on 28th May near Abbeville (department of Somme) against this symbol of industrial agriculture.

They’ve received thousand of support protestors who were in front of the court of justice in Amiens this morning. Peasant Confederation wants to highlight the unpleasant conditions of the cows in the one thousand cows farm where two beasts were found dead just after the opening of the farm.

They want to fight the dues of the peasant agriculture which does not manage to overweight the industrial agriculture in the country’s economy. In February 2013, the prefecture had only granted 500 cows to this farm. This project, imagined by the bulding’s contractor Michel Ramery, has begun six years ago.

In addition to the bad conditions of the cows, the residents of Amiens are concerned that the nitrogen residues saturate the grounwater and detoriate the quality of their life.

 The case of the thousand farm cows isn’t ready to stop now and may cause much ink yet.
Marine Pujol, IEJ3E




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