Close outcome about Remi Fraisse

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After some researches Remi Fraisse’s bag  is finally found. It is in the hands of the opposition to the construction of the dam on the Visens site (department of Tarn). After the autoposy practiced yesterday, Law Clerk says Remi died as a result of an explosion.
The analysis of this bag and its combustion could help to understand whether it is a grenade shoot by law enforcement or a Molotov cocktail coming from the ranks of the protesters which caused the death of the young man. The Fraisse family has decided to sue for intentional homicide. The father of the victim said that his son went to the site as a tourist with his girlfriend. The finger tips forces reacted in a press release stating that they were attacked with molotov cocktails and they cannot be blamed solely on the basis of testimonies.

by Ladislas de Waziers, IEJ 3E


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