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Monday marked the end of the legislative elections in Ukraine, in addition to armed conflict and widespread insecurity in the East. The results of these elections is a crushing victory of the pro-Westerners who seek the alliance with the European Union. The other result of these legislatives is the probable disappearance of the Communist Party. The win of the pro-Westerners ended in the resumption of the fightings in the country.

In fact, the hostilities started again and escalated in the East of the country. Yesterday, after 2 days of respite, intense shooting of heavy artillery in Donetsk broke out. The situation is disturbing for the future, the relations are strained between the two camps. In times of armed conflict in Ukraine, the entire world direct its regard towards the country after the result of these elections.

The citizens of Ukraine are fed up with lies and corruption in their country and a majority of the people believe that these anticipated elections will change nothing in Ukraine in reality. However, certain think that they must remain hopeful. A part of the citizens in Ukraine think that the parliament must be modernized and that this score is a good thing for their country; they have expected this vote and they wait for a real change. If there wasn’t vote rigging in the legislative elections; the people haven’t been tricked and they must accept the result of the vote. Each camp, pro-Westerner and pro-Russians, must stop the rise in violence in the country, before the situation becomes unmanageable.


by Sandy ROSSI, IEJ 3E


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