David Cameron opposes European Union

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At a meeting in Brussels, the usually mild-mannered British leader told fellow EU leaders the amount was unfair and “completely unacceptable”. Mr Cameron, delivering a Commons statement on last week’s meeting of EU leaders, said: “Britain will not be paying the 2bn euros to anyone on 1 December and we reject this scale of payment. We will be challenging this in every way possible.”87fbb5c0-4781-11e1-9e5d-b5f55577b437

At a press briefing in Brussels, the European Commissioner for Budgets, Jacek Dominik, said the UK government had “two formal possibilities to react” and that “at none of those meetings” had it expressed “any concern”.

“It’s an appalling way to behave and I won’t be paying it on Dec 1st” that was David Cameron ‘s reaction on Twitter about the issue of European deadline, David Cameron delivered his most embittered attack on the EU executive in Brussels on Friday. The European Union is demanding UK authorities to pay £1.7bn.

David Cameron seems to be in constant conflict with the European Union policies. Maybe we will say in a few years that he was the last British PM in agreement with the EU as the UK is approaching the referendum on the future British membership in 2017.

Omar Bendjador, IEJ 3E






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