Ryanair sentenced to 8.3 million in damages for clandestine work

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The Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence confirmed Tuesday, October 28, the guilt of the Irish airline Ryanair for clandestine work on the Marignane’s base between 2007 and 2010.

Ryanair plane
Ryanair plane

The fine imposed by the French justice amounts to € 200,000 plus € 8.1 million in damages to social organizations, trade unions and four former pilots who had constituted civil party against the company.

The company must also pay € 4.5 million to the “URSSAF” for unpaid contributions, € 3 million to the aviation aircrew and around 493,ooo euros to “Pôle Emploi”, the French job center.

Ryanair was sentenced in October 2013 for violating French labor law on the Marignane’s base. The proceedings against the airline is linked to the conditions of remuneration of local employees paid under Irish law and not French.

In fact, Ryanair has always challenged the decree of November 21, 2006 submitting foreign companies’ aircrews operating in France to French law. The company considers its aircraft only arise temporarily on French soil, and the staff takes its instructions from the headquarters of Dublin. Nevertheless, it’s not the opinion of the French justice who found the company guilty of having hired 127 people in Irish contract while working at the airport of Marseille-Provence, whose company has its main base in France since 2006.

After this condemnation, Ryanair can appeal in cassation but the amounts of damages will always be enforceable.

Julien Ramard, IEJ3E


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