Tunisia has voted to choose its parliament

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Capture d’écran 2014-10-28 à 15.15.49 Tunisia’s islamist Ennahda party on Monday conceded defeat to the secular Nidaa Tounes party. “We have accepted this result, and congratulate the winner Nidaa Tounes”, the official Lotfi Zitoun, told Reuters.

Sunday, it was the fist time that Tunisia has voted for its first parliament under the new constitution. The vote was a success; polling stations were filled. According to the first results, the Nidaa Tounes party has won more than 80 seats in the 217 member parliament against 67 for Ennahda. This result would be a dramatic reversal for the islamist party, which had held 42 percent of the seats in the interim parliament. The final results of elections are expected Wednesday but already the smell of defeat hanging around Ennahda, the islamist party. The elections were supervised by the world as it is a novelty in this region, still unstable. The US President, Barack Obama said “In casting their ballots, Tunisians continued to inspire people across their region and around the world”.

by Houssem LOUSSAIEF, IEJ 3E


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