Valls holds a conference about France’s territorial reform

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Manuel Vall, french minister (AFP ©Patrick Kovarik)

Manuel Valls, France’s Prime Minister, holds a conference with French Senate on Tuesday 28th October, in order to clarify the Territorial Reform project.

On October 3rd, Gérard Larcher, Senate’s new president, asked the French President, Francois Holland, to task his socialist Prime Minister with a conference that will enable the Government to take into account the brand new positioning of the Senate that is right winged since September.

France’s territorial reform projet has been required by Francois Holland, after the legislative elections in March, in which his own political family, the socialist party, was beaten by the National Front, an extreme right winged party. The problem is, that since the project has been generated, it has gone through several modifications : in the beginning there should have been 22 metropolitan regions, then 12, then none, then 13, and now 15. As the next regional elections take place in a year, an agreement must be found quickly, which will be a difficult task.

However, that’s not the only issue Manuel Valls will have to deal with. France’s Prime Minister is currently in an intricate situation as he faces opposition both in the opposite camp and in his own party. He’s going to defend a fourth version of the territorial reform.

Marie-Caroline Meijer IEJ, 3E


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