Ferrari in the race!

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WALL STREET says hello to Ferrari. It’s been now few hours , we know that the famous car brand will be on the stock exchange in November.

1059027_ferrari-sort-du-giron-de-fiat-et-prend-le-chemin-de-wall-street-web-tete-0203898676491_660x352pFiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) the main owner of the brand has decided to seperate the luxiourous horse from the rest of the firm.
«Ferrari will be developping and could benefit to its standing right now,» says a shareholder of the Italian giant.
Ten percents of the constructor’s shares can be bought and exchanged among all the world’s stock markets.

This announcement has been appreciated by the investors and the exchange rate went up by 12% at the Milan market.
But the main aim was to diversify the risks and also allow the shareholders to take important benefits after a difficult year.
The Agnelli’s family, who keeps 30% of the FCA is seeing in this deal a new departure for the firm.

However, for the company’s other branches, the future will not be so easy. Fiat and Chrysler should attempt to equillibrate their sales. Indeed, Ferrari alone won’t be able to  save the firm..

The race can start…

Fabien Lourme, IEJ 3F



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