France : Clashes in Paris after dam protest death

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Fresh clashes broke out overnight in Paris between police and activists protesting over the death of a young man who was killed during a demonstration against a controversial dam project.

Around 250 people gathered late Wednesday outside the city hall in Paris with some hurling missiles at police and scrawling “Remi is dead, the state kills” on walls.

Remi Fraisse, 21, was fatally wounded in clashes with police on Sunday, the first such death in France since 1986. His killing has been blamed on a concussion grenade fired during the unrest.

Nevertheless, Denis Favier, the French police director, said “the police officer who threw the grenade won’t be suspended”.

The death has put pressure on President Francois Hollande’s already unpopular government and there have been calls for Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to step down.

“A judicial inquiry is underway. The justice system needs to be provided with all the elements necessary to reveal the whole truth,” Cazeneuve said.

The current events have thrown the future of the dam project into doubt, with local authorities saying they were considering “suspending work but not indefinitely”.

Ecology Minister Segolene Royal said Wednesday a meeting would take place next week to discuss the future of the Sivens dam.

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