Jerusalem : Temple Mount closed due to assassination attempt

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The Israeli authorities closed off all accesses to Temple Mount in the Old City, Wednesday 29 October.  This is the first time since the beginning of the year.

Temple Mount in Jerusalem closed by the Israeli police
Temple Mount in Jerusalem closed by the Israeli police

On Wednesday, Yehuda Glick, the Jewish religious extremist, survived an assassination attempt. As he was leaving the Center Menahem-Begin, a man on a motorcycle shot him.

In order to avoid a violent riot of Palestinians, Temple Mount was closed  to all Muslims of Jerusalem. Thursday morning, the shooter’s name was identified. Mutaz Hijazi, an islamist activist that was killed by Israeli forces. On Thursday, Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the shooting of the Jewish activist, Yehuda Glick, as “an act of terrorism,” and accused Mr. Abbas of inciting violence. He pointed out a recent speech in which the Palestinian Authority president called on his people to defend the mosque compound from Jewish encroachment “by all means”.

These events rekindled  the anger of Palestinians in Jerusalem-East. The city lives in constant tension, that increased in the past few days. According to the Palestinian spokesman, Mahmoud Abbas, Israel reached a new stage of provocation and denounced “a declaration of war”.

After last week’s Palestinian riots, an administrative spokesman of the American delegation in Israel criticized  Netanyahu about the colonization policy. Relations between Israel and the United State of America are drawning tight.

Today, the Swedish government recognized the State of Palestine. The new Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, ignored Israeli protests and “expressed hopes of peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine”. This decision contributes to the hope of Palestinians. Israel appears to be more and more isolated from its allies on the international scene.







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