Migrants issue : 33 Cubans rescued in the bay of Florida

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Coast guardsThirty-three Cuban men were rescued from the water by U.S. Coast Guard crews Wednesday morning after they jumped off a boat that was taking on water off Boca Raton, Florida.

Wednesday’s rescue occurred two days after at least 11 migrants were pulled from the water near Turkey Point in Biscayne Bay, Florida.

“They were lucky that the Coast Guard was there,” Coast Guard Officer Mike Barney said : “If we weren’t there and they had gone into the water, who knows what would have happened.”

After being rescued, migrants will be sent back to Cuba. Under United States policy, Cubans fleeing their homeland can stay here if they make landfall but must be sent back if they do not.

By sea, the U.S. Coast Guard spotted 3,722 Cubans in the past year. That’s almost double the number intercepted in 2012.

The numbers are impressive. U.S. Government has to face this issue not only in Florida with Cuban or Dominican people but also on Mexican borders.

In Europe, the problematic is the same. Lampedusa, south of Spain… are several examples of this phenomenon. The European Union, like the U.S. Government, has no answer yet. In the meantime, thousands of people around the world try to run away from poverty but the Promised Land is still very far…


Xavier COLLIN, 3F


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