Sarkozy: radical project to transform UMP

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  • Sarkozy meeting UMP
  • Following his probable election to the presidency of the right-wing party, UMP, in the elections scheduled for 29 November Nicolas Sarkozy promises to change the name of the party.

Reportedly, Mr. Sarkozy plans to bury the UMP after the department elections, scheduled for late March 2015.

Instead, a new movement will emerge with a new name; the party’s organisation will be profoundly changed and  decentralized.

Former president does not want the Paris headquarters to impose decisions of federations without discussion.

To give more weight to 268,341 members, Sarkozy promises to let decide contested nominations , each national or local election , generalizing the principle of primary in the territory concerned.

Another novelty is the commitment to the party’s base in the construction of the presidential project. Mr. Sarkozy intends to hold conventions on a specific theme to emerge from the slopes of reform, which will then be submitted for approval by militants.

The direction of this UMP new version will be radically changedIt will be split into two separate teams. The first is to implement the media and programmatic battle against the government.

A dozen of personalities – such as Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Laurent Wauquiez – will be assigned a thematic cluster, depending on their specialty. The second team will play a more administrative role. Its members will look to run the party, providing management training, logistics, etc.

Now if you want to now if the Party will live on , just wait…

Antoine Ruef, IEJ 3F


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