“Wild life”: marginality inspires Seventh Art.

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Using movie theater to explain a news story, it’s possible. In the new film “Wild life” by Cédric Kahn, fiction meets reality. This movie draws its inspiration from the history of Xavier Fortin and his two sons Okwari and Shahi Yena.  This father has been arrested in 2009 after having taken off his children on the run for eleven years. Meanwhile they lived in contact with nature, hidden from society.  This story recalls and updates Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

vie-sauvage-cedric-kahn-image1-le-passeur-critique (1)At the beginning, this news story had scandalized the whole country which considered this man as an irresponsible father who had kidnapped his children. But today, his own sons are his two devoted lawyers: “These were happy eleven years. Yes, we missed a lot of things, yes it’s not easy, but after all this adventure built us,” explained the elder one to the French channel France 2.

First of all, that is the idea of being able to live “outside of the system” which intrigues many French people, listening to this story. And perhaps they will find some answers to this unusual story watching Cédric Kahn’s movie. A movie which proposes us above all a reflection about the link which unites a person with a group.

The movie has been released in theaters across France this week.

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One thought on ““Wild life”: marginality inspires Seventh Art.

    Claire 'Word by Word' said:
    October 30, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    Great, a film that will on where I live! My son is into wildlife big time, might have to take him along.

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