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clown-mechant 2

Today in France videos of evil clowns have met with a certain success. We can see clowns crushing the head of a body down on the soil with a huge mass. The body is a model and the blood which gushes on walls is only colored liquid. But terror felt by people is very real as well as the pleasure which some taken in watching these videos.

People dressed up as baleful clowns have a good time terrifying people by having psychopaths passed for killers. “False clowns” attacked several persons in the course of last days in various cities of France, at the risk of causing a psychosis in the country, fed notably by social networks. This unexplained phenomenon preoccupies the authorities. What was, a few weeks ago, a fashion, worries the police now. The most serious attack took place in Besançon where a student asserted having been hurt by a clown armed with an ax. The police published on social networks a message of sensibilisation to put the phenomenon into perspective. Some city councils took orders forbidding clowns to parade during Halloween celebrations. It is the case of the city council of Vandargues, in the department of Hérault. The police recommended to dial 17 to signal any case of malevolent evil clowns.

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