Burkina Faso: Fall of President Comparaoré

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OUAGADOUDOU, Burkina Faso –  President Compaoré announced  in a press release that he was leaving the power and confirmed his wishes for “free and transparent” election in a deadline of 90 days.

“From this day, Blaise Compaoré is not any more in power ,” launched shortly before local 12:30 am, colonel Boureima Farta, carried on the shoulders of his servicemen. The officer had come, on foot and under escort, since the joint staff, every close relation of the square of the Nation, where the demonstrators streamed in the morning.

The government of Burkina Faso collapsed on Thursday as demonstrators protesting against the president’s plans to stay in the office after twenty seven years, surged through the streets of Ougadougou, the capital. Overrunning state broadcasters, setting the homes of the president’s relatives on fire.

At the same moment, the European Union considered that he “it is now up to the Burkinabe people to decide their future”, after riots against the dictorial regime. ” We call up to the sense of the responsibility of all the political strengths, the army and the republican institutions as well as the Burkinabe people to build together a new future for the country, in a calm way, in the respect for the democratic principles and for the Constitution “, declared a spokesman of the diplomatic service department of the EU.


Agathe Peroceschi, IEJ 1B


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