Death of Ecomouv

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Alain Vidalies, the French state’s secretary of transport, has announced the cancellation of Ecomouv agreement, yesterday at the Senate. The termination of contract meant many financial penalties for the French state.

Indeed, the cancellation will cost 830 million euros plus 210 million euros for the rent for 2014. Moreover, the state has to take in charge the repayment of advanced sums : 650 million euros for the package and 200 million euros for the outstanding.

Nevertheless, the French State wants to negociate with the company. Alain Vidalies said: “Pay the least possible”. For this reason, he considers the contract unconstitutional.

The end of the contract leaves 200 people with unemployed. Alain Vidalies explains that the State will do everything to make to establish a redeployment. Nevertheless, the dismissed people do not consider him and wish a concrete commitment.

The company Ecomouv’ was in partnership with the law of Eco tax. It was responsible for the implementation and the fund raising. This law was suspended by the Ministry of Ecology, Ségolène Royal, because of the revolt of the Breton “red cap”. The red caps protested against the eco tax turned violent and damaged traffic cameras and portals – set up to monitor the passing lorries which would be liable for the tax – have been burned and vandalised across Brittany.




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