Lenny Is Back !!!

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“Strut” is Lenny Kravitz’s newly released album, his tenth one.

50 years old and he still wants to be the best. More than 40 million albums sold, 4 Grammy Awards  for “best rock singer”.

With this album, he is coming back in the music industry.

“Cinema was really an amusement but after it was more serious, I like very much to collaborate with so many artists and why not do my own films” (interview of him in Télé Loisirs).

After it, he wants to work as the film director but he doesn’t want to put music appart.

Now for his come-back, Lenny shows that even at the age of 50, he still has the best voice and he likes  what he does with it.

This album talks about love, desire, and despair.

Songs like “New York City” or “The Chamber”, show that it is one of the best albums of this years.

Nicolas Chaaya IEJ 1B



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