Swiss laboratory works on Ebola vaccine

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In front of the increasing numbers of Ebola vicims, a Swiss laboratory is trying to create a vaccine against this deadly disease. To achieve this urgent mission, the GlaxoSmithLine company are looking for 120 adult people who agree to try the vaccine. It’s the biggest testing of the world to find volunteers for only one vaccine.


Many people do not agree to participate in this experience. Nowadays, only 50 people have accepted to be part of this trial; many of them are doctors or work for a hospital. GSL company wants to find people who are not involved in medicinal life.

Each participant will earn 800 Swiss francs, to test the vaccine against the Ebola virus.

As for now, hundreds of vaccines are available to start the experience. The First test will begin this week and the first result will be known in December. If those tests are positive and without risks for anybody, first sample of the vaccine will be sent to Africa in early 2015, to fight against the increase of the disease, reported Le Figaro.


Ebola virus has killed  almost 70% of people who has contracted it in Africa.

According to GSL company, the vaccine will be created from a sample genetically revised from monkey who had been contaminated with Ebola virus. But before attempting this future positive result, the Swiss company has to find all the voluntary people for the trial.


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