Syria and Iraq: “unprecedented” number of foreign jihadists, according to the United Nations

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648x415_image-extraite-media-jihadiste-al-baraka-news-11-juin-2014-montrant-militants-ei-drapeau-noir-ville-syrienne-raga   About 15.000 foreign Jihadists coming from 80 countries arrived in Syria and Iraq in the last few years, to fight in the rows of extremist groups including the Islamic State (IS), an “unprecedented” figure, warns a report of the UNO quoted on Friday by The Guardian. “Since 2010”, the number of present foreign Jihadists in Iraq in Syria is “several times higher to that of the foreign fighters listed between 1990 and 2010, and continues to progress “, pursues the report, drafted by the committee of the United Nations Security Council which asks to watch closely the activity of Al-Qaeda, writes The Guardian. “There are examples of foreign terrorist fighters coming from France, from Russia and from the United Kingdom” and all in all of 80 countries, among which some “did not know in the past the problems bound to Al-Qaeda”, adds the report. This document underlines that the activities of Jihadist organizations as the IS concentrate especially in the countries in which they operate: “the real cross-border attacks, or against international targets stayed minority”. The report insists however on the danger that could represent these Jihadists once gone back into their country of origin, a threat which urged several countries, as the United Kingdom or France, to take measures to strengthen their detection and prevent their departure towards Iraq and Syria. The committee of the Security Council also underlines, according to The Guardian, the efficiency of the methods of “cosmopolitan” recruitment of the group Islamic State, which benefits from social networks where the dogmatic communication of Al-Qaeda could cool the aspiring Jihadists.



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