The Bulding site of Sivens (Tarn) suspended

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After Remi Fraisse’s death, last week end, the general council of the Tarn department decided to adjourn the project of Sivens dam.

After the council member assembly today, the elected representative decided to adjourn the controversial bulding site of Sivens. This decision has been taken following the tragic death, of Remi Fraisse, a young protester, against the controversial Sivens’  dam, on October 26. « We take the decision to say that it was impossible to pursue the Sivens’ dam project. We couldn’t pretend, after this tragedy, that nothing had happened,” declared Michel Albarède, the second-in-command of the general council of the Tarn. Nevertheless, the adjourn isn’t permanent because, according to an expert report commissioned by the Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal on Monday, although the project is oversized, it’s unrealistic to stop it. The declaration of the council member, didn’t calm down the  organisation against the dam, who fear that another project will replace he previous one.

Gabrielle Devosse IEJ 1B

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