The growth of the GDP stronger than planned

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The American growth demonstrates its solidity.
Five days before the mid-term elections, the publication of good growth figures, on Thursday October 30th, is a good opportunity fo Obama administration.

real-gdp-growth-1930-2022The United States announced an increase of 3.5 % of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the third quarter, in annualized rhythm, that is much more than the 3 % expected by the analysts.

It shows a decreasing trend compared with the second quarter which had recorded a 4.6 % progress.

The growth of the third quarter was supported by the good performance of the exports, non-residential investments. The reduction in the exports also contributed to improve the result.

“The headline number — 3.5 percent — is awfully good,” said Josh Bivens, research and policy director at the Economic Policy Institute. “But once you start digging into it, there’s not a ton of evidence we’ve actually shifted into a higher gear.”

However, the United States underwent a slowdown in consumer spending of the households. The expenses of the consumers, which represent two thirds of the American GDP, progressed only by 1.8 % a 3rd quarter having won 2.5 % in the previous quarter.

The backward drop of the accumulation of stocks, and the deceleration of the residential investment are also a part of negative points of the past quarter.

Florence Maurice-Peroumal, IEJ 1B


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