The project of simplification continues to move forward

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mouvement de simplification

The French executive doubles the effort to promote their simplification mesures.

Nine members of the French government including the first minister Manuel Valls and the head of state Francois Hollande got together in the function room of the Elysée on Thursday to create growth and employments, they evaluate profits for the country to 11 billion euros for the end of 2016.

The goals are numerous as improve the competitiveness  and restore public authorities’ capacity of action.  “This is a huge structural reform” proclaim Manuel Valls. The president Francois Hollande judged “considerable” the results accomplished. Indeed, 150 mesures adopted for 18 months have made save 2.4 billion euros. The head of state promised to apply the proposals of the council of simplification in six months which contained tax return’s unification and the building permit within 5 months. Moreover, the dematerialization of procedures and administrative documents as pay slip, security card and passport are going to be realized so people can use it online. “The train left and will not stop anymore,” said Francois Hollande  in his closing speech.


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