Zinédine Zidane’s appeal has been rejected

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The Spanish press announced that the call of  Zidane has been rejected by the appeal committee of the Spanish Federation. The former Real Madrid player had been suspended three months in the first instance for having headed the reserve of Real Madrid without a valid coach diploma. The appeal of his club having been rejected, “Zizou” must wait three months to be able to sit on a bench again.

According to the man who has denounced the irregular situation of  “ZZ” : “Zidane is victim of nothing, he is victim of himself”.

However, this is not the end of the arm of iron for Zidane who intends to ask a pure and simple annulment of the condemnation. To do this, the coach of the reserve of Real Madrid, will enter the Court of Arbitration for sport. The rejection of the appeal has been more rapid than expected but the decision is consistent with what the leaders of Real Madrid were expecting. The legal battle will therefore continue to the SBT, placed directly under the authority of the Spanish ministry of sports.

If the decision is not suspended, it is David Betoni, a French member of the staff of Zidane who will replace him in the match against the Rancho Rayo Vallecano B on Saturday.



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