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Lenny Is Back !!!

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“Strut” is Lenny Kravitz’s newly released album, his tenth one.

50 years old and he still wants to be the best. More than 40 million albums sold, 4 Grammy Awards  for “best rock singer”.

With this album, he is coming back in the music industry.

“Cinema was really an amusement but after it was more serious, I like very much to collaborate with so many artists and why not do my own films” (interview of him in Télé Loisirs).

After it, he wants to work as the film director but he doesn’t want to put music appart.

Now for his come-back, Lenny shows that even at the age of 50, he still has the best voice and he likes  what he does with it.

This album talks about love, desire, and despair.

Songs like “New York City” or “The Chamber”, show that it is one of the best albums of this years.

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Saint-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre

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In two days, the Rhum Road will startimages. The competitors will take start from Saint-Malo and sail for 3542 miles up to Pointe-à-Pitre.
Ninety-one skippers will participate in this crossing. Obviously, there will be a time limit and the arrival line will be closed after thirty-five days (i.e. eight hundred and forty hours). We will rediscover many kinds of boats which will do the same course, with the same rules:
monohulls, multihulls, small ocean racers and giants of the sea.
The last edition took place in 2010 and the winners were Lionel Lemonchois, Lalou Roucayrol, Loïc Fequet.
This year, Sébastien Rogues, Yannick Bestaven and Arnaud Boissières are the favorites and will try to challenge the seedeed skippers.

The final word will be: See you on the 2nd of November at ! I hope you’ll enjoy it and we will vibrate as far as four years ago.

Clément Briole IEJ 1B

Fire at Maison de la Radio

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Around 12:00 AM, a fire started on the 7th and 8th floor of « Maison de la Radio », in the 16th district of Paris. Broadcasts were stopped while journalists and staff evacuated on firefighters’s help “We were in the middle of a news broadcast, and, suddenly, we were asked to stop everything and to evacuate the studio,” said Christine Moncla. The staff  were quartered outside in an area opposite the site on fire. At the arrival of the firefighters, no one was hurt. “The fire is under control, it has been extinct, it has not spread to the whole of the 8th floor,” the commander Gabriel Plus told the press. Policemen took care of the traffic regulation near the river Seine.

Many people said alarm wasn’t activated and the staff was informed by the noise of a helicopter which operated around the building. They restart at 1:35 PM exempt for France Inter, at 3:00 PM


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The Bulding site of Sivens (Tarn) suspended

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After Remi Fraisse’s death, last week end, the general council of the Tarn department decided to adjourn the project of Sivens dam.

After the council member assembly today, the elected representative decided to adjourn the controversial bulding site of Sivens. This decision has been taken following the tragic death, of Remi Fraisse, a young protester, against the controversial Sivens’  dam, on October 26. « We take the decision to say that it was impossible to pursue the Sivens’ dam project. We couldn’t pretend, after this tragedy, that nothing had happened,” declared Michel Albarède, the second-in-command of the general council of the Tarn. Nevertheless, the adjourn isn’t permanent because, according to an expert report commissioned by the Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal on Monday, although the project is oversized, it’s unrealistic to stop it. The declaration of the council member, didn’t calm down the  organisation against the dam, who fear that another project will replace he previous one.

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Syria and Iraq: “unprecedented” number of foreign jihadists, according to the United Nations

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648x415_image-extraite-media-jihadiste-al-baraka-news-11-juin-2014-montrant-militants-ei-drapeau-noir-ville-syrienne-raga   About 15.000 foreign Jihadists coming from 80 countries arrived in Syria and Iraq in the last few years, to fight in the rows of extremist groups including the Islamic State (IS), an “unprecedented” figure, warns a report of the UNO quoted on Friday by The Guardian. “Since 2010”, the number of present foreign Jihadists in Iraq in Syria is “several times higher to that of the foreign fighters listed between 1990 and 2010, and continues to progress “, pursues the report, drafted by the committee of the United Nations Security Council which asks to watch closely the activity of Al-Qaeda, writes The Guardian. “There are examples of foreign terrorist fighters coming from France, from Russia and from the United Kingdom” and all in all of 80 countries, among which some “did not know in the past the problems bound to Al-Qaeda”, adds the report. This document underlines that the activities of Jihadist organizations as the IS concentrate especially in the countries in which they operate: “the real cross-border attacks, or against international targets stayed minority”. The report insists however on the danger that could represent these Jihadists once gone back into their country of origin, a threat which urged several countries, as the United Kingdom or France, to take measures to strengthen their detection and prevent their departure towards Iraq and Syria. The committee of the Security Council also underlines, according to The Guardian, the efficiency of the methods of “cosmopolitan” recruitment of the group Islamic State, which benefits from social networks where the dogmatic communication of Al-Qaeda could cool the aspiring Jihadists.


Farida Belghoul sanctioned by the national education

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Farida Belghoul, a teacher in technical high school has been punished by the department of education yersterday afternoon.This activist had incited parents to  remove their children from school (like she has done herself in 2007). Apart from that, she had also criticised the minister of education, Najat Vallaud Belkacem.

This activist possesses a master’s degree in economics. More recently, Ms. Belghoul posted a video where she exolains her trip to Moscow where she had met other activists to create an “international organization of defense of the traditional family “.

The Problem: during her travel, the professor of economics and letters was supposed to be on sick leave.

She has been averted by her employer but for the moment she can keep her post.

She has the opportunity to appeal against this penalty in front of the administrative court.



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clown-mechant 2

Today in France videos of evil clowns have met with a certain success. We can see clowns crushing the head of a body down on the soil with a huge mass. The body is a model and the blood which gushes on walls is only colored liquid. But terror felt by people is very real as well as the pleasure which some taken in watching these videos.

People dressed up as baleful clowns have a good time terrifying people by having psychopaths passed for killers. “False clowns” attacked several persons in the course of last days in various cities of France, at the risk of causing a psychosis in the country, fed notably by social networks. This unexplained phenomenon preoccupies the authorities. What was, a few weeks ago, a fashion, worries the police now. The most serious attack took place in Besançon where a student asserted having been hurt by a clown armed with an ax. The police published on social networks a message of sensibilisation to put the phenomenon into perspective. Some city councils took orders forbidding clowns to parade during Halloween celebrations. It is the case of the city council of Vandargues, in the department of Hérault. The police recommended to dial 17 to signal any case of malevolent evil clowns.

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