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Burkina Faso: Fall of President Comparaoré

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OUAGADOUDOU, Burkina Faso –  President Compaoré announced  in a press release that he was leaving the power and confirmed his wishes for “free and transparent” election in a deadline of 90 days.

“From this day, Blaise Compaoré is not any more in power ,” launched shortly before local 12:30 am, colonel Boureima Farta, carried on the shoulders of his servicemen. The officer had come, on foot and under escort, since the joint staff, every close relation of the square of the Nation, where the demonstrators streamed in the morning.

The government of Burkina Faso collapsed on Thursday as demonstrators protesting against the president’s plans to stay in the office after twenty seven years, surged through the streets of Ougadougou, the capital. Overrunning state broadcasters, setting the homes of the president’s relatives on fire.

At the same moment, the European Union considered that he “it is now up to the Burkinabe people to decide their future”, after riots against the dictorial regime. ” We call up to the sense of the responsibility of all the political strengths, the army and the republican institutions as well as the Burkinabe people to build together a new future for the country, in a calm way, in the respect for the democratic principles and for the Constitution “, declared a spokesman of the diplomatic service department of the EU.


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Ukraine and Russia reach agreement on gas

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Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have made ​​an agreement Thursday, October 30th in Brussels on the resumption of Russian gas supplies this winter and the conditions of payment of gas debt of Ukraine to Russia.

Russia suspended its deliveries to Ukraine in June because Kiev had not paid gas bills dating back to September 2013. The debt was 3.1 billion dollars and its settlement will be in two tranches: the first before the end of November and the second before the end of December. Moscow said that they have made ​​a concession because the Ukrainian debt was equivalent to 5.3 billion dollars. The money of this debt will be donated to Ukrainian funds Gazprom, the gas producer of which Russia is a shareholder. This arrangement saves a proven population by war. “Russia has always been a reliable supplier of gas to Europe and will remain so,” confirmed the Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, at a conference in Brussels Thursday night. “We hope that this agreement will help normalize relations between Russia and Ukraine,” said his Ukrainian counterpart Yuri Prodan. This is a victory for Ukraine but also a personal victory for Commissioner Oettinger who worked more than six months on this agreement. He finished his term, Friday, October 31, with this signature. This is the Slovak Maros Sefcovic who will replace Mr Oettinger, when negotiations between the Russians and Ukrainians resume, in March 2015.

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The project of simplification continues to move forward

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mouvement de simplification

The French executive doubles the effort to promote their simplification mesures.

Nine members of the French government including the first minister Manuel Valls and the head of state Francois Hollande got together in the function room of the Elysée on Thursday to create growth and employments, they evaluate profits for the country to 11 billion euros for the end of 2016.

The goals are numerous as improve the competitiveness  and restore public authorities’ capacity of action.  “This is a huge structural reform” proclaim Manuel Valls. The president Francois Hollande judged “considerable” the results accomplished. Indeed, 150 mesures adopted for 18 months have made save 2.4 billion euros. The head of state promised to apply the proposals of the council of simplification in six months which contained tax return’s unification and the building permit within 5 months. Moreover, the dematerialization of procedures and administrative documents as pay slip, security card and passport are going to be realized so people can use it online. “The train left and will not stop anymore,” said Francois Hollande  in his closing speech.


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The Coming Out of Apple’s Chief Tim Cook : ” This Will Resonate “

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Tim Cook’s declaration on Thursday that “I’m proud to be gay” made him the first executive of a Fortune 500 company to come out publicly. But Mr. Cook isn’t just any chief executive. And Apple isn’t any company. It’s one of the most profitable companies in the Fortune 500 and ranks No. 1 on the magazine’s annual ranking of the most admired companies.

“Let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” he wrote in the essay, which was published in Bloomberg Businessweek.

apple_tim_cook1As Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, put it, “He’s chief executive of the Fortune One. Something has consequences because of who does it, and this is Tim Cook and Apple. This will resonate powerfully.”

“When a CEO of a global company like Apple comes out, it opens the doors for LGBT employees around the world to be their authentic selves,” said Selisse Berry, founder of the nonprofit Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. “It also paves the way for more out executives and CEOs to do the same; once the LGBT ceiling has been broken, it gives employees the freedom to put all their energy into their work without having to hide their personal lives.”

“If hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality,” he said, “then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.”


The growth of the GDP stronger than planned

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The American growth demonstrates its solidity.
Five days before the mid-term elections, the publication of good growth figures, on Thursday October 30th, is a good opportunity fo Obama administration.

real-gdp-growth-1930-2022The United States announced an increase of 3.5 % of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the third quarter, in annualized rhythm, that is much more than the 3 % expected by the analysts.

It shows a decreasing trend compared with the second quarter which had recorded a 4.6 % progress.

The growth of the third quarter was supported by the good performance of the exports, non-residential investments. The reduction in the exports also contributed to improve the result.

“The headline number — 3.5 percent — is awfully good,” said Josh Bivens, research and policy director at the Economic Policy Institute. “But once you start digging into it, there’s not a ton of evidence we’ve actually shifted into a higher gear.”

However, the United States underwent a slowdown in consumer spending of the households. The expenses of the consumers, which represent two thirds of the American GDP, progressed only by 1.8 % a 3rd quarter having won 2.5 % in the previous quarter.

The backward drop of the accumulation of stocks, and the deceleration of the residential investment are also a part of negative points of the past quarter.

Florence Maurice-Peroumal, IEJ 1B

Death of Ecomouv

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Alain Vidalies, the French state’s secretary of transport, has announced the cancellation of Ecomouv agreement, yesterday at the Senate. The termination of contract meant many financial penalties for the French state.

Indeed, the cancellation will cost 830 million euros plus 210 million euros for the rent for 2014. Moreover, the state has to take in charge the repayment of advanced sums : 650 million euros for the package and 200 million euros for the outstanding.

Nevertheless, the French State wants to negociate with the company. Alain Vidalies said: “Pay the least possible”. For this reason, he considers the contract unconstitutional.

The end of the contract leaves 200 people with unemployed. Alain Vidalies explains that the State will do everything to make to establish a redeployment. Nevertheless, the dismissed people do not consider him and wish a concrete commitment.

The company Ecomouv’ was in partnership with the law of Eco tax. It was responsible for the implementation and the fund raising. This law was suspended by the Ministry of Ecology, Ségolène Royal, because of the revolt of the Breton “red cap”. The red caps protested against the eco tax turned violent and damaged traffic cameras and portals – set up to monitor the passing lorries which would be liable for the tax – have been burned and vandalised across Brittany.



LeBron misses his homecoming

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The return of LeBron James. An event that an entire city  had been waiting for since the announcement, on 11 July, the return of the chosen one. But the king James has missed his homecoming on all the plans : the Cavs were beaten at home against the Knicks (95-90) and James has produced one of the worst performances  of his career.

This is the first time in his entire career at the NBA that James loses more than eight balloons, marks less than 20 points and achieves less than five assists at a time.

Against him, Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks’s franchise player, scored 25 points and gave 6 assists, to lead his team to the victory. The number seven was helped by a good Iman Shumpert (12 points) and an interesting Shane Larkin at the organization of the “triangle game”, wanted by the president Phil Jackson.

Kevin Love who played his first match with cavs scored 19 points and grabbed 14 rebounds.  This match showed the birth of one of the futur big two of the NBA with Lebron James.

This evening the Cavs move to Chicago to face the team of Derrick Rose who won against New York (104-80) on Wednesday.


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