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INTERNATIONAL: Brisbane under siege

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g20 brisbane


A day before G20’s summit, the third city of Australia has never been more active. The event, which is going to take place this week-end, will reunite the leaders of the twenty biggest economies in the world, with the aim of finding an agreement about economic growth, banking rules and environment. The recent trades about pollution between the United States and China shall certainly be advanced. So that the meeting goes well, the city of Brisbane didn’t skimp on ways; almost 6000 policemen will be mobilized with the permission to examine the passers-by, streets and shops will be closed, and F/A 18 Super Honet hunters from the Australian army will establish a forbidden flight area arround the convention center. Reptiles and some insects will also be forbidden. Many have criticized as overly cautious.

Australia, that took part in the anti-terrorist and Daesh wrestling, is, indeed, afraid of a potential terrorist attack, or hacking from independent groups. The authorities are also equipped in case of anti-globalization activist demonstrations, already experimented scenario during previous meetings, like Melbourne in 2006, where militants tried to enter the convention center. For two years, the country seems to have planned everything, in order to not reproduce the Melbourne’s episode. For it, 70 million dollars were devolved to the summit, and everything’s ready for this week-end.



Damien Espona, IEJ1B


European Union suspecting agreement between Starbucks and the Netherlands

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1041385-jpg_903128The European Commission ventured important doubts about the tax agreement between Starbucks and Amsterdam. E.C esteems that this agreement might be contrary to the European rules.

The Commission had announced the opening of a case (11th June), at the same time, another case judged tax regime of Apple in Ireland and Fiat Financial and Trade in Luxembourg. Since those cases, the Commission has opened a fourth enquiry about Amazon in Luxembourg.

Concerning Starbucks, the company which is concerned, is a subsidiary based  in the Netherlands (Starbucks Manufacturing BV).

The Commission is asking about the way in which the calculation has been done about “transfer price”, that means the transactions’s prices be done between companies in the same group.

Those prices have the effect to increase or to reduce the income of a company. Multinational companies use it to create fiscal optimization, sharing benefits and costs between subsidiaries located in severals countries, according to the rate of taxation.

12779973-fiscalite-bruxelles-enquete-sur-starbucks-aux-pays-basAccording to OCDE, transfers of prices have to be fixed as if different entities were not tied. Throughout forty pages published on Friday, The Commission formulates a lot of doubts about the respect of this measure by Starbucks and the Dutch tax authority.

According to Brussels, it’s an advantage for Starbucks (through this, the American company can reduce the base of calculation concerning the company’s taxes in the Netherlands), compared to other companies.

Last spring the American company had announced, their intention to move their European headquarters (based in Amsterdam) to London, U.K.

In U.K, methods concerning optimization of taxes are stronger than in the Netherlands.

Julien Coussy & Clément Briole,  IEJ1B

Foreign submarine confirmed on Sweden’s territory

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Sweden authorities confirmed today that a submarine was actually in the water near the capital of Stockholm. This foreign submarine was detected one month ago, after approximately one week of criss-crossing a vast expanse of water dotted with 30 000 islands. The research was interrupted, as no trace of the submarine was found.

It was not possible to state how big it was or to what country it belonged said the Swedish army, which has deployed more than two hundred men and boats, in an operation which recalled the 1980s, when URSS was regularly suspected to explore the surrounding areas of their naval bases in the Baltic sea.

The prime minister Stefan LöD9823CE9-C047-4C2A-B49A-EBCF78040A42_cx0_cy6_cw0_mw1024_s_n_r1fven said that they didn’t know who was responsible for this violation and affirmed that it was absolutely unacceptable, Sweden doesn’t want any intelligence activity in their country. He added that the country would do everything they can to strengthen their territorial integrity.

Thirty years ago, Sweden was routinely gripped with cold war panic, hunting those Russian submarines almost daily but never found a trace of them. Today, it’s the first time that the armed forces have the ability to proof the infringement of the territory.


Nicolas Chaaya – Leo Arthuys, IEJ 1B

FRANCE: French far left critizes Video Game “Assasin’s Creed Unity”

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The leader of the French far left party Jean-Luc Melenchon judges the video game “Assassin’s Creed Unity” as an awful history lesson.

Indeed, the superproduction of Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Unity has come out on Thursday 13rd November on playstation 4 and Xbox One. After dealing with the Crusades, the Italian Renaissance, and the American Revolution it th company released the French Revolution.

The creator Antoine Vimal du Monetil has chosen Paris, because it is the chronological following. Moreover, the video game enables to the users to discover or meet the famous historic personalities like Roberspierre and Napoleon. For the creator, Assassin’s Creed Unity isn’t a historic lesson, but a video game for everybody which is why they used some French symbols like the French flag. Futhermore, the reconstruction of Paris during the Revolution is really impressive. However, image of the French Revolution through the video game seems weakened, because the political and social events are summarized as a succession of plottings.

That’s why Jean-Luc Melenchon during an interview for a French radio (France Info) said about the video game that: ” It’s a propaganda against the people. The People (in the game) look like barbarians and bloodthirsty savages. And our liberator during the French Revolution, Roberspierre, looks like a monster.” He continues saying that “it’s a re-reading of the history in favor of the losers in order to bring into disrepect the Republic, one and indivisible.”








Shanon Clotilde, IEJ1B


Equatorial Guinea will host the CAN 2015

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After cancellation of  the organisation of the Africa cup of nation (CAN), Morocco was replaced by the Equatorial Guinea(EG), now in charge of the event.

Capture d’écran 2014-11-14 à 17.10.42    The unreal story concerning the CAN has   finally found a happy ending on Friday. After the eviction of Morocco, who wanted the adjourn the competition because of the threat of the virus Ebola, the African football Confederation (CAF) first received a negative answer from Angola and then gave the organisation to the Equatorial Guinea. This decision was formalized this afternoon on the website of the CAF : ”  After a fraternel and fruitful conversation the chief of the Equato-Guinean state gave his agreement to the organisation of the competition which will begin on the 17th January and finish on the 8th February 2015.

As a result, the executive Committee of the CAF confirmed that the Africa Cup of Nation Orange 2015 will take place in Equatorial Guinea at the normal date, and that the national team of  Equatorial Guinea is automatically qualified for the final tournament as ambassador of the host country.”

The EG has been elected because the country takes up the entire responsibility for the organisation of the event and is provided with the necessary infrastructure to host a competition of this magnitude.

In case of rejection by the African states the CAF had the possibility to count on the participation of Qatar, which proposed to organize the event.

COURTEIX Pierre-Etienne, IEJ1A

SPORTS: Can Anthony Davis become a NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player)?

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The 21-year-old forward of the New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis, is already considered as the third best NBA player behind Lebron James and Kevin Durant. It’s only his third season in the league but the 6-foot-10 forward is already averaging 20 points , 10 rebounds and 3 blocks per-game. In an interview for Slam Magazine, Kevin Durant, the 2014 MVP, said that Anthony Davis “is an MVP-calliber player”. Durant also texted Davis to tell him that he was on the “way to get it” (talking about the MVP award).

Moreover, the 2012 overall first pick in the NBA draft is still young and growing as a player but also as a man. This summer, he won the gold medal with Team USA at the World Cup in Spain. This is another experience for the young player which contributes to his personal development. The 2013-2014 NBA all star weekend also allowed him to progress and to play with the best player in the league. NBA stars like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul or Paul Pierce gave him advise on his game. Since then, Anthony Davis seems to play a better basketball : he progressed in shooting, dribbling and also developed his ability to move the ball.

With the injury of Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis is in a good standing in the MVP race, facing players like Lebron James or Blake Griffin. However, the Pelican’s forward isn’t playing in one of the NBA top teams. This may be a problem for him if he wants to become the next NBA MVP. In fact, at the past 10 NBA season, the MVP always has been playing  in one of the four NBA teams in the league standings.

Written by Babacar Diassé, IEJ1B



CULTURE: Rising Star on M6, the fall

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The final of the musical TV program, Rising Star in France has been advanced by two weeks because of the missing audiences, although the starts weren’t as bad as expected. Despite the attractive concept (interactivity thanks to the connected application), the talent show has reunited only 1.6 million viewers (8% of market share) who watched the victory of Corentin Grevost yesterday, until 23h40. This score is barely higher than the previous week.

Each finalist had to sing twice and the one who reached the best score after the two appearances win the show. During their second performance, the jury couldn’t vote and give their extra 7% to help the participants. After nearly three hours, it was Corentin Grevost who became the first (and maybe the last) laureate of Rising Star.

The winner who had never sung in front of a public before this experience, has now the chance to release his first record with the help of M6.

With reference to a possible next season, the channel will most probably not take the risk of launching a new edition of the show.

Camille MASSON and Esther BASSINGHA, IEJ1B

BUSINESS: Eurozone growth

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sapin macron 2

The French economy is doing better than forecast. It has grown by 0.2 percent in the third quarter. That assessment is supplied by the European Office of statistics which has also revised upwards the total figures of the first and second quarter growth. They were respectively of 0.3 and 0.1 percent compared to 0.2 and 0 percent previously. The minister of finance, Michel Sapin, told the daily Le Monde newspaper: “Growth has broken down, in Europe and in France. With zero growth in the second quarter, thereby extending the stagnation we saw in the first, our country is slowing down and will not achieve the 1% growth observers were predicting three months ago”. He also said that the total figures published by INSEE strengthen Bercy’s orientation.”Beyond the jolts from one quarter to the next, activity has somewhat taken off but remains too weak to create the jobs our country needs,” Finance Minister Michel Sapin said in a statement, reiterating French calls for more action to boost growth and jobs in Europe. Sapin welcomed the gross domestic product (GDP) data as a sign that it could reach its new target of 0.4 percent growth for the whole year. That is less than half its initial forecast and France has said it would miss a pledge to bring its public deficit down to 3 percent of GDP next year because of weak growth. Although the result remains weak, the new trend is encouraging.

Gabrille DEVOSSE et Sarah SIMAO, IEJ 1B.



Mistral : Russians set an ultimatum to France

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mistral russie france

The Russians leave to France, two weeks to deliver the helicopter carrier, the Mistral.

Past this deadline, they will be forced to ask for heavy compensations. However, France is under a double pressure: on the one hand, its partners, like the United States, Germany or the United Kingdom, are urging Paris to suspend the Mistral delivery as long as Russia hasn’t ceased their actions in Ukraine. On the other hand, France needs to keep its commitments to Russia.

And the latter, is beginning to seriously grow impatient. A Russian source said, today at the Ria Novosti agence, that France has until end of November to deliver the first war ship, Mistral to Russia.

And the Russians, can afford this firm attitude. They are aware that the contract of 1.2 billion euros is vital for France in the general context of economic crisis and the political slump.

The French Defense Minister said Wednesday that “no date of delivery” of  Mistral to Russia “can be fixed at this stage”. No doubt, the thorny question of the Mistral should be on the program of the meeting between the presidents of France François Hollande and Russia Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Brisbane, Saturday and Sunday.

Rachel CHISS and Alizée LANZARINI, IEJ 1B

Demonstration against the work on Sunday

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A hundred of employees from major Parisian departments stores Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Printemps, protest against the Sunday and night work today. “The time of negotiations is over, now, we use the force,” said Karl Ghazi, the representative of the inter-association.

The Ministry of tourism is suggesting the new measure in order to attract foreign visitors, advocating the opening of shops on Sunday in the popular tourist areas.
“Tourists represent 12,000 to 18,000 jobs in the trade in 2012. How can the Medef hope to create 100,000 jobs? Opening on Sunday is not profitable, it is to make the growth at any cost by increasing the number of working hours. The brands, which are calling for this measure are those who are strong enough and have already killed the competition,” said Mr. Ghazi. “If opening on Sunday was not profitable, we do not ask them! This increases the costs of personnel, but allows you to amortize the other fixed costs,” added Mr. Ghazi.

Kevin Bikoy, IEJ1B