25th Anniversary of fall of Berlin wall

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The city of Berlin will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall in November. The wall split the city from 1961 to 1989 and became the ionic symbol of the cold war. Sean Gallup has photographed locations around Berlin today to match with archive images of the times when the city was divided.











The City is going to recreate a part of the world which cut the city in two, but in the form of a bright installation.

They want to reconstitute a 15.3 kilometers long border between the East and the West using colourful floodlit balloons ! More than 8 000 white balloons, fed by about 60 000 piles, will so browse the main streets and monuments of Berlin’s history – from Bornholmerstrasse to Oberbaumbrücke, including Reichstag, door of Brandenbourg, Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie or the East Side Gallery. The time of a weekend, from 7th to 9th November, visitors and inhabitants can so imagine themselves the plan of the Wall which separated Berlin for 28 years. Because it is necessary to know that today, half of the Berliners do not know the precise plan.

Every balloon will belong to one person having lived this historic moment of November 9th, 1989 in the evening, when the wall fell and when the two parts of the German capital were reunited.


Omar Bendjador IEJ 3E


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