A Turkish group offers itself bn

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BN LOGOIt’s official since yersterday, the British BN group will be bought by the number one of food group in Turkey, Yildiz Holding. British media speak of a transaction of around 2.5 billion euro.
With this acquisition, Yildiz, which is the largest food and beverage company in Turkey, is expected to become the third largest biscuit manufacturer in the world.
Yildiz wants to expand internationally through United Biscuits, which has six factories, including seven in the United States, where it is the number one of biscuits producers. The group is also the second player in this market in Belgium, France, Ireland and the Netherlands.
Thanks to this transaction, the CEO of Yildiz, Murat Ulker, aims for a 16% growth in the turnover of United Biscuits by 2017.
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